In most of the popular sports nowadays, the ability of the player to jump high is one great quality in order for his team to succeed in a game, and it can be acquired through various ways like using the Jump Manual PDF. Jumping is one of the abilities that every player should possess – be it in playing basketball where a few centimeters can identify a block or a dunk, or in playing volleyball where a point can be decided through the same amount.

Although the advantage of being taller than the other opponents is very essential, this can be evened out if the player can jump to exceed the taller height of his opponent. This is possible with the help of a manual developed by Jacob Hiller – the Jump Manual PDF.

The Basics of the Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is an exercise and enhancement program developed by Jacob Hiller, a jump expert, who believes that this routine will add more than ten inches to the vertical jump to help basketball players to lift an outstanding dunk like most of the NBA and NCAA players, as well as to create the best defense when playing volleyball players. Basically, this program is among of the various jumping guide programs in the world.

According to the various Jump Manual reviews online, it is said that the Jump Manual PDF offers an effective guide for you to effectively jump around and assist players to jump higher. The principle ruling to this manual is that the height is not the most essential part in jumping but the ability of the person to jump higher. The system will certainly assist users to have a diet regimen so that the jumping tactics will likely bounce higher.

The main objective of the Jump Manual PDF course is to provide guidance to execute a vertical leap higher than the usual. Moreover, the use of this guide will help people adapt to the system and adhere to it religiously. Once the workout is already started, users will look for ways to work with it effectively.

The Pros and Cons of Jump Manual

This manual entails advantages and disadvantages to the users. Of course, most of the users want the desirable effects. Fortunately, the use of the Jump Manual PDF features a lot of benefits.

  • Good Communication Tool. This manual in PDF format is well-written, wherein users can easily follow the instructions. According to most of the reviews, most consumers say that is the most communicative guide for an effective vertical jump in the market. Moreover, it is more communicative than any other e-books in the market.
  • Effective Results. According to individuals who already used the manual, this e-book really provides noticeable results. Although the manual promises almost impossible results, the outcome is quite satisfying for most users.
  • No Medications or Treatment Required. The e-book is all about the use of right and natural techniques in order to create a great vertical jump. Although there is no secret treatment or supplement required in the program, the natural routines and simple treatment regimen will certainly help people gain desirable result.
  • Presence of Tutorial Videos. For individuals who find a difficult time performing the routine stated in the e-book, the use of tutorial videos provided by the manual can help the customers to have the routines performed easier.
  • The Accessibility to Training Forums. The Jump Manual PDF contains the access of users in training forums about the Jump Manual, wherein customers can find different interviews and testimonials from individuals who already have benefited on the e-book.

Despite of the immense benefits that the Jump Manual provides, there are a couple of drawbacks that users might experience while using the manual.

  • Time-consuming. Reading this e-book than getting on the action immediately requires an ample of time to reveal desirable results. Basically, it is not a program that provides immediate results without working very hard.

Complete dedication is essential. Customers are expected to dedicate their time on this program in order to reap desirable results. There will be no efficient results without getting in the routine in a serious mood.

Nevertheless, the Jump Manual PDF is an efficient tool for individuals who dream to improve their jump activity, just like basketball players who can effortlessly make a slim dunk and volleyball players who can provide great defenses while playing.


Best Workouts to Jump Higher

by Doug on April 24, 2013

Do you want to learn about workouts to jump higher? You’re not alone and in fact a lot of people are looking for the same information online. If you’re an athlete, it would be advantageous if you know how to jump higher since this will become an advantage among your competitors. You should think of ways on how to jump higher in order to become one of the best in your field, whether that is basketball, volleyball, or track and field to name a few. Below are tips and exercises you can learn about to develop your vertical leap.

Workouts to Jump Higher (1)

Some exercises to include are jumping up stairs or jumping over objects to name some. You should know that these exercises can help you develop your agility which will help you become more conditioned in training as well. You can also improve the strength of your legs, which are very important in jumping higher. You can eventually increase your volume and condition your legs at the same time. Below are workouts to jump higher:

  1. You should work on your core muscles. You should try to develop the strength of your obliques and abdominals. You should work on strengthening your back muscles as well. You should also think of improving your lower torso.
  2. You can include ham raises in your training to improve your jump. This can also help your jumping ability. What you need to do is to lie with your face down using a platform. Then, you need to lower your torso on that platform. Next, you will have to pull back up. It will help you make your core stronger as well as increase your vertical leap. This is one of the best workouts to jump higher.
  3. You can also think of changing reps on lifts and sets. You can include this in your exercises to improve your vertical leap. This will aid in creating a workout that can help you improve your vertical leap in the long run. Through changing the sets, you will learn how to jump higher more effectively.
  4. You should think of running sprints as one of the best workouts to jump higher. It is also one way to help you increase your vertical leap as it also helps make your legs stronger.
  5. You should try various jumping exercises. It will mean that you need to make sure that you include jumping exercises in your routine so that you can ensure that you will improve your leaping ability.
  6. You should never forget to warm up. You should stretch correctly by jogging around for a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can jump rope if you want to condition your body even better. Lastly, you can also try to run up and down the stairs. However, you should not do these things much as you don’t want to tire your legs in the warm up.

Other Workouts to Jump Higher (2)

  1. Deep knee bend jumps
  2. Stomach crunches
  3. Deep knee bends
  4. Jumping rope
  5. Toe raises with/without weights
  6. Box squats with bands  (4)
  7. Depth Jump
  8. Dumbbell Swings
  9. Snatch Grip Deadlifts

Want to Jump Higher More Effectively? (3)

You should use the Jump Manual, an effective training system developed by Jacob Hiller, who aims to help athletes from around the world to learn how to jump higher. It’s the complete training system which you can use to help you achieve the maximum speed and jump you need.  What do you get with the Jump Manual?

  1. Effective methods in improving vertical leap
  2. Development of your speed and vertical leap
  3. Workout chart that comes with it
  4. Video trainings
  5. Nutrition plan
  6. Coaching
  7. Weight room alternatives
  8. Support
  9. Forums
  10. And so many more…..

With the Jump Manual, you will learn how to get the most of your training in improving your vertical leap. It is a proven-effective system used even by top athletes in the world. You can use it whether you are an amateur or a professional. Without the use of medications and hard-to-follow techniques, you will gradually improve your jumps using the Jump Manual. You can become the next big thing in sports! Grab your Jump Manual aside from learning workouts to jump higher.


How Can I Jump Higher?

by Doug on April 24, 2013

People are asking, “How can I jump higher?” If you are one of those people who want to learn how to jump higher without the use of medications and gym equipment to name some, you should check out this post which will teach you exactly on how to improve your vertical leap without any doubt.

Techniques: How Can I Jump Higher?

You can find a lot of exercises which all aim to teach you how to jump higher; however, the results you get may be different from what others are getting. On the other hand, it will be a good start to try out some of these exercises you will learn today.


One of the best ways to learn how to jump higher is to squat. It’s one of the most used by both amateur and professional athletes from around the world. These can give you the strength you would need to draw from your legs in order to jump higher. Strength training is one of the best ways on how to improve your vertical leap and so it’s one of the most important routines you should include in your training.

Box Jumps

It’s one of the most effective ways on how to jump higher and to answer the question, “How can I jump higher?” If you want to improve your overall leaping ability, you should know about this plyometrics exercise to help you develop your jumping ability. You can try one-legged jumps and on-off box jumps to name some. You can build up your speed with this training as well.


You should know that there is a connection between your jumping ability and acceleration, so you should always try sprinting as part of your routine. You can do some short but intense sprints on your backyard. Give yourself some extra push if needed.

More Techniques: How Can I Jump Higher? 

  1. You should also focus on your base strength. This is one thing you need to develop your vertical leap. You should try to make your muscles stronger so that you can improve your leaping ability as well. Some workouts to include involve calf raises, squats, hip flexors, and others.
  2. You should also work on your flexibility to know how to jump higher. If you want to learn about the answer to the question how can I jump higher, you should also focus working on your flexibility. This way, you can improve your balance as well.
  3. You should try plyometrics. You can include these types of exercises so that you can decrease the time that you need to take from resting to gaining your ultimate force. You should hold weight while you are practicing how to jump higher, as an example.

Want a Complete Guide on How Can I Jump Higher?

The Jump Manual is your solution if you want to get a hand of a complete training tool to help you enhance your leaping ability. This is a product developed and created by Jacob Hiller, who has been training athletes for many years. With his skills and expertise in the field, he has decided to come up with an effective tool to help people develop their jumping ability. The product is complete since it comes with all the exercises and diets you need to know in order to maximize the results of your workout. The guide’s main mission is to help people achieve the highest vertical leap they can be based from their genetic and muscle ability.

Jump Manual Pros and Cons


  • PDF file. Access it anytime, anywhere provided you have a device to use to read it.
  • Results.  You can get guaranteed results using this product.
  • No Drugs or Medications. Without the use of performance enhancing and other medicines, you can improve your jump.
  • Forums, support, and coaching
  • And so many more….


  • Needs a device to access

Basically, these are what to expect from the Jump Manual which you can use to effectively turn your dream of jumping higher into reality. You can get a complete training with this manual that you cannot find anywhere else. If you need a complete solution to jump higher, you should use the Jump Manual in order to answer the question, how can I jump higher?

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